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Solutions for display production

The progress in the field of display technology is evident to any consumer. In a very short time the CRT monitors have been replaced by far more filigreed flat screens. Current displays using LED backlighting are even flatter and more energy efficient. The trend will continue rapidly, just think of the increasingly emerging OLED technology.


For the production of advanced displays, highly efficient precision systems are required - ITO layers have to be structured, displays cut or resistors trimmed and matched. Only through the use of laser technology, can these tasks can be solved adequately and economically.


In addition to projects for structuring, projects for the separation of displays in glass and plastic can be successfully implemented. For these applications, Schmoll can offer solutions both with CO2 lasers for cutting plastic touch screens and glass processing with frequency-doubled Nd:YAG-lasers.


The unique Multi-XY approach enables the utilization of highly effective and compact CCD machines. The basis for this high-tech engineering concept has been proven and trusted for years under the harshest conditions in high production environments.


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