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Solutions for the production of solar panels

Due to the worldwide energy shortage, the cost of privateand industrial consumers in the coming years will continue to increase significantly. Here, the immediate impact of solar technology can make an important contribution to securing the energy needs and help to reduce cost in the near future. Not only on safety grounds, is solar technology nuclear power undoubtedly far superior, but also environmentally, it offers a CO2-neutral way to produce energy.


Because of their low production costs, thin-film solar technology or the use of organic solar cells are particularly suitable when implementing solar power plants. Although these cells have yet to match the efficiency of conventional solar cells, a significant increase is expected in the near future. Only with the integration of laser technology in the manufacturing process can an inexpensive and reproducible structure be provided.


Schmoll Laser Division has developed in collaboration with Schott / MDI a laser structuring system for thin film solar cells. High productivity, with the highest quality of laser structuring of P1, P2 and P3 layer. Extremely high process accuracy together with accelerations of more than 2 g characterizes these systems. In addition, due to the modular design of the Schmoll system, solar panels up to 4 m x 2 m can be processed. All systems have a full granite base platform and a multi-axis CNC control.


Using a Schmoll laser system, interested parties from the solar industry have the opportunity to secure a competitive advantage.



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