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Schmoll DDI - Digital Direct Imaging

The DDI offers a cost-efficient entry in Direct Imaging. This is the ideal machine for universities, small series and prototype-production. Low-maintenance Diode lasers and a large optic with polygon scanner bring the image onto the substrate.



DDI Highlights 


Reduced operating costs with low maintenance long life laser diodes > 30.000 h

Performance upgrade by increasing number of laser diodes  

High redundancy by multilaser-concept, in case of a laser breakdown it is possible

   to continue production without any difficulties

High quality and flexibility at affordable prices

Operator-friendly concept with compact construction and small footprint 

Proven engineering on a granite basis, high precision axes and dynamic linear motion

   technology as core capabilitiy of Schmoll company

Automatical online-scaling of data by CCD cameras for optimum fitting

High depth of focus by optical concept with variable focus length (300 µm)

Polygonscanner and a large optic expose the image seamless on substrate 




The chart shows the acquisition and running costs in comparison to conventional direct imaging systems, the DDI and the conventional film exposure: The ROI compared to the film exposure is achieved within a very short time, as the total costs of the film exposure significantly exceed the cost of the DDI.



Construction and Imaging Technology


Vibration-absorbing and thermally stable natural granite forms the long-term basis on all Schmoll machines. Digital linear actuators with accelerations of up to 2 g allow high dynamic and precision. All axes are equipped with sealed optical absolute encoders, which allow a resolution by interpolation of 1/1000 µm.


The DDI Optical-System incorporates a polygonscanner and a telecentric optic with depth of focus of about ± 300 µm.  A pair of semiconductor diodes are merged together and deflected along the beam path to the polygon. The polygon projects the seamless image through the telecentric large scale optic onto the panel. Due to the line by line writing the problem of displacement is no longer significant. The lines are imaged constantly while the linear motioned table is driving on the granite basis with a constant speed.







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