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LaserFlex: Application features and process

The versatility and precision of laser processing makes it the ideal tool for machining a wide range of materials.



Typical applications


• Cutting from Polymer cover foils

• Copper covered Polymer laminates

• Thin, rigid / flex materials

• Innerlayers and Prepregs e.g. FR4

• Separation or decap from tracks and the structuring of cavities



Process quality


• Highest quality material processing, balanced configuration Galvo system.

• High dynamic thermally controlled main stage Linear motors (X,Y).

• High precision solid granite bed and air bearings provide the best conditions for

   excellent results.



Automatic process control


Fluctuations in surface heights and board thickness are automatically registered and compensated. Laser power and thermal drift are also compensated.





CCD camera with LED ring-light for best possible contrast.

Field area 10 x 7 mm /1 µm resolution.

Correction: Offset, rotation, stretch / shrink.





Integration with Autoload system








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