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Schmoll MDI Micromirror-Digital-Imaging

 Professional direct imaging technology - made in Germany

 Proven engineering on a high precision basic machine

 Excellent service support



Schmoll MDI Machine Description


Schmoll MDI is offering an efficient digital direct imaging machine with DMD-technology. The UV-light is transferred to the PCB by micro mirror chips with high resolution. Therefore two different wavelengths are integrated to get a suitable spectrum for resist and soldermask applications. Due to a high precision registration concept and adaption of shrink and stretch values as well as offset calculations we assure an ideal imaging result. The flexible design of our photoheads makes a customer specific adaption of head distances possible. Thereby an individual design for different panel sizes leads to very efficient exposing times.





 Schmoll MDI Highlights


 Cost-efficient and high-quality digital-direct-imaging with high-power UV-LEDs

    and DMD-technology

 Operator friendly concept with compact construction and small footprint

 Application options for inner layer, outer layer and solder mask

 Machine types: compact MDI Single Table; MDI Double Table for high throughput

 Two head designs available

 Flexible number of heads and head distances for shortest exposure times

 Dual wavelength concept with high performance

 Testing of customer panels at our MDI testcenter available



Schmoll MDI Machine Options


 Inner Layer registration by UV-LED marking system

 Clamping system especially for soldermask applications

 HEPA-filter clean-room-concept

 Flip-mode for double sided job processing

 Customer specific solutions for automation



Schmoll MDI-Testcenter


Due to a completely equipped testcenter with testmachines, developer and microscope we are able to expose panels and have a direct view on the results. 



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