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PicoDrill: Application features and process

The laser micro-machine Picodrill is a highly productive and highly accurate machine for drilling, cutting and structuring of different materials. With up to 4 Glavo scanners on two work stations, the machine is ideal for mass production. A fully automatic handling is optional.The use of a high-energy Picosecond laser allows a cold and precise material removal.



Typical applications


• Drilling of PCB microvias to 4000 per second

• Micro structuring, processing of precision parts made of glass and ceramics

• Cutting and drilling of electronic components, e.g. Wafers

• Micro-machining of holes



Process quality


Pico-second laser ablation is a cold process that can be achieved on almost any material. Laser average power of 50 W with a pulse peak power of max. 70 MW allows residue free removal of even the smallest volume of material.



Automatic process control


The machine is equipped with sensors for component thickness compensation. Autofocus correction per automatic Z-axis compensation. Laser power meters on both work stations allow for a compensation of laser energy. Accuracy can be increased significantly through the use of 3-axis scanner system; Z-axis compensation in scanner field with scanner speed is possible.





Both workstations have a high resolution CCD camera with LED ring lighting. Automatic corrections of offset, rotation, shrinking and stretching are possible.





• Fully automatic loading and unloading, stack to stack, single-belt conveyor, robot

• 2 Glavo scanner heads, alternatively 4 galvo scanner heads

• Pico-second laser with different power and wavelength (1064, 532, 355 nm)

• Alternative laser: femto-second, nano-second laser







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