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Schmoll MDI Micromirror-Digital-Imaging


Schmoll MDI is the cost-efficient solution for Direct Imaging (DI) of Printed Circuit Boards.The MDI machine convinces by its extremely compact design and flexibility in order to process a vast range of resist and ink types, both Standard and LDI versions! Based on the field-proven light engine with over 2 mio. individually addressable micromirrors and powerful UV-LED’s the MDI achieves best quality at optimized cycle times. With the combination of a multiple wavelength system and precise registration accuracy the MDI offers a reliable system and covers a wide production scope starting from Prototyping up to series production.


“Highest throughput on smallest footprint!”





MDI Highlights


 Highest Power output on surface with LED based Power-Head

 Multi wavelength system with wide spectrum

 Stages of expansion: 1-6 Photoheads

 Low-maintenance light engine and high resolution

 For IL, OL and Solder Mask – Standard and LDI versions

 Solid high precision machine construction on granite base

 Single-/Double-/Tandem-Table and XXL-Format Machine variants

 Automation interface and own high-performance INLINE automation

 Worldwide Service-Network and excellent Live-Support



To demonstrate the performance of our MDI we can present different machine variants in the yellow room of our Demo-Centre. A developer and corresponding microscopy enable the on-site initial evaluation of the imaging results. 




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